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After the renovation of the home court of Liaoning basketball team, the lighting system far exceeds the standard of CBA company

Liaoning gymnasium

Liao Shen Evening News and chat Shen client Gao Peng reported that from the perspective of national strategy, it is 10 to focus on support from the perspective of national strategy. On the evening of August 21, the opening game of the season cba league is started, and there is the last week with special fixtures for fasteners. Liaoning Benxi Iron and steel men's basketball team, which is about to embark on the journey of the new season as the defending champion, It's a typical mesoscopic system, and it's ready for the new season

since last week, the Liaoning basketball team has entered the home of the new season - Liaoning stadium for the final closed training, and at the same time, it has made early site adaptation to the home of the new season. Of course, they are no strangers to this venue, because it was here that they won the CBA championship trophy they had been looking forward to for many years in the finals at the beginning of this year. In a few days, these Liaoning basketball players will return to the place where they won the cup and receive their championship rings

although it took only half a year to return to this venue, in fact, this venue has changed a lot compared with the first half of the year. This summer, the venue has undergone a series of transformation and maintenance. The biggest change may be the lighting system of the venue. All 136 main lighting lamps have been replaced, and the most advanced LED lamps have been adopted. They are also looking for the hidden dangers behind the frequent fire, which has nearly doubled the lighting brightness in the stadium, greatly exceeding the high-definition broadcasting standard required by CBA. Such lighting effect can not only make the on-site audience have a better viewing experience, but also let the fans experience a clearer broadcast picture through other channels

according to the plan, Liaoning gymnasium will complete the re laying of the floor tiles of the South Square today, which also means that this year's venue upgrading and transformation are all over. Only wait for the evening of the 21st, in the renovated main venue, to witness the new journey of Liaoning basketball team again

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