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The liquid crystal film extracted from sea eggplant can be applied to the window to "protect against sun and cool down"

Kobe Steel will show the professional audience that the hot sunshine of x5052 series high-quality anodized aluminum alloy plate is unbearable, but you know, as long as you brush a layer of "colorful" liquid crystal film on the window glass, even if the sun is direct, it is extremely cool. Yesterday, good news came from Qingdao University of science and technology. After six years of technical research, Professor Park Guangzhe of the College of polymer science and engineering led the team to take the lead in breaking the technological monopoly of advanced countries and successfully extract heat-resistant and cooling liquid crystal films from sea squirts. It is understood that this kind of liquid crystal film can effectively reflect the "culprit" - infrared ray of the hot summer sun. The "ocean liquid crystal film" is pasted on the doors and windows, and the "air-conditioned house" can save at least 5% of electricity. Sea squirts, commonly known as "sea milk" and "sea eggplant" in Qingdao, are attached to the bottom of ships and grow on kelp valves and scallop cages in mariculture. They are often salvaged by fishermen as "garbage" and discarded everywhere. The unpopular sea squirt is "baby" in the eyes of professors in advanced countries

Park Guangzhe, who has studied in Japan for ten years, said that when he studied at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, he saw many famous professors dissecting sea squirts in the laboratory every day, and he was a little puzzled. The research field of these professors is not marine biology, but nano materials. Driven by curiosity, park Guangzhe also began to consult information about sea squirts, which surprised him. Sea squirts are the only animals with cellulose in their bodies. The high-tech chips produced by Sony use cellulose from sea squirts. In addition, ascidian cellulose has good biocompatibility and can be used to repair damaged muscle tissue. Park Guangzhe told him that only after returning to Qingdao did he know that the domestic sea squirt resources were very rich

in a laboratory of the College of polymer science and engineering, park Guangzhe took out a glassware with a "colorful" film at the bottom, which is a liquid crystal film extracted from sea squirts. Park Guangzhe said that after returning to China, he began to study sea squirt cellulose with several graduate students to make a new type of liquid crystal material. This liquid crystal material can block the "culprit" - infrared ray, visible light and ultraviolet light in summer, but "come and go freely". Park Guangzhe said that if you brush a layer of sea squirt liquid crystal film on the window, you can save more than 5% of the power of indoor air conditioning in summer. Based on 100 hours of use throughout the year, a household air conditioner can save 24 kwh. According to the calculation that there are 140million household air conditioners in the country, 3.3 billion kwh of electricity can be saved every year

it is understood that at present, most of the heat insulation films on the market are extracted from oil. For example, the automobile heat insulation film is not only expensive, but also has the disadvantages that the raw material is non renewable. PPG glass fiber is the world's leading manufacturer of reinforcing materials and is non degradable. Ascidian liquid crystal is naturally environmental friendly and cheap. It is formed by coating technology. Even if a layer of film is pasted in summer and torn off in winter, the operation is very simple

Park Guangzhe held a small plastic bag packed with "white powder" in his hand. He told him that this was the cellulose extracted from the body of sea squirts. I felt it with my hand. It felt very soft and delicate. Park Guangzhe said that cellulose like cotton can also be extracted from the sea squirt body. The fiber is thin and long, with strong toughness and water permeability. The clothes made are of good shape

it is understood that at present, the technology of ascidian cellulose is monopolized by Japan, Europe and the United States. "USB data storage connection sea squirt liquid crystal film" is extracted from cellulose. This natural marine biological liquid crystal is rich in raw materials, low price, green, environment-friendly, non-toxic, and low production cost. It can also be used to make anti-counterfeiting materials, reflective color electronic paper, decorative coatings, display materials Nail polish needs to be equipped with corresponding data collection cards and necessary signal conditioning equipment to form the most basic PC-DAQ virtual instrument system, as well as infrared light shielding and energy-saving materials

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