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On September 9, the owner of phase V smart city community in Chang'an District of Xi'an reported to the China Business Daily that during the lighting construction of the community a few days ago, workers inadvertently punctured the wall during the drilling operation on the facade. The performance indicators that can be tested on the balcony wall of the owner are: the upper yield strength and the elastic modulus need to be measured by installing an electronic extensometer, and the surface is punctured to form a hole with a thick finger. Yesterday, China business daily saw in phase V of smart city community that the construction of base metals has been suspended due to a slight rebound. "These two days, the owners have great opinions on the lighting of the external facade of the residential building. More than 80 owners in the community have made it clear that they are not allowed to light the external facade of the residential building. As a property, we also reported the owners' opinions to the Chang'an District Government. At present, the lighting process of the residential building is suspended, and it will be decided after discussion by the government department."

it is gratifying to see such a picture suspended due to the opposition of the owner. However, it is a little regrettable that if the construction party thought about the problem from the perspective of the owner, fully communicated with the owner and listened to the owner's opinions before entering the site, perhaps there would be no entanglement today, wouldn't it be better

it is true that in most people's minds, the night of a big city should be colorful, and it should be a city of fire and silver. From the night view, we can judge the vitality and prosperity of a city. However, it should be pointed out that, unlike ordinary night lighting, the purpose of carrying out lighting projects is not only to meet the needs of lighting, but also to beautify the city image at night, which reflects the modern civilization of the city through lighting

however, unlike public places such as road greenbelts, trees, parks, square night scenes, etc., residential areas are also included in the lighting scope, which goes beyond the lighting of this practical demand, and is bound to inevitably produce some conflicts with the vital interests of owners. For example, the damage of construction to the wall, such as the owner's concern about light pollution, will make the owner reluctant. Moreover, according to relevant laws, the property right of the facade of the residential building belongs to all the owners. If you want to construct on it, you need the permission of the owner first. Precisely because of this, the opposition of the owners is more justified

behind the creation of a beautiful night scene in the city, it should not be the innocent impairment of the relevant rights and interests of citizens. As the owner of the city, I'm sure that I hope the city I live in and live in will be more beautiful day by day. I'm also happy to see that "materials first" has gradually become the industry's resonance with the changes and progress of the city every day. To be exact, the owners are not opposed to the lighting project, but just work on the walls of people's houses without saying hello, which makes the owners feel very hurt! As the saying goes, I decide my territory. Generally speaking, to respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners is to respect and protect citizens' private property. The operation of plastic granulator covers an extremely wide range of rights, which is to respect and protect the basic rights of citizens given by the constitution

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