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The limit standard of harmful substances in toy coatings will be implemented in October

the maximum limit of harmful substances such as lead and arsenic in toy coatings will be specified. China's first compulsory national standard "limits of harmful substances in toy coatings" will be officially implemented from October 1 this year

it is reported that in order to make toys look bright and relatively durable, coatings for protecting and decorating toys are commonly used on the surface of the substrate during the production process of toys. Harmful substances in coatings mainly include heavy metals, o-benzene plasticizers and organic solvents. Because toys are in close contact with human bodies, especially children, once the harmful substances exceed the standard, it will affect the health of children, which can lead to the decline of liver and kidney function in the past 19 years, but it is still on the high side, the reduction of red blood cells in the blood, and the hidden dangers of new standards such as cancer on the basis of old standards

China has issued a national standard for the first time, which will put forward mandatory requirements for the allowable limit of substances harmful to human body and the environment in toy coatings. The hazardous substances listed in the national standard limit this time mainly include lead, soluble elements (including antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium, etc.), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc

the standard stipulates that the lead content in the paint for toys shall not exceed 600mg/kg according to the relevant testing requirements under the conditions of explicit construction proportion of the product; Arsenic content should not exceed 25 mg/kg, which is expected to be helpful to you; Mercury content shall not exceed 60mg/kg; The proportion of benzene shall not exceed 0.3%

it is reported that the national standard will be implemented from October 1 this year. In the future, only when the inspection results of all items meet the standard requirements, the products can be regarded as meeting the standard. When new products are initially finalized, when products are produced in different places and when the source of key raw materials changes greatly, they must be inspected at any time

the drafting experts of the standard said that the introduction of the first national standard "limits of harmful substances in toy coatings" has adopted the relevant international standards, while taking full account of the current level of China's toy enterprises and China's national conditions, which has greatly improved the safety level of China's toys. With the continuous improvement of the production technology level of toy enterprises in China, the safety indicators of relevant toy coatings have been reduced to the greatest extent, and the impact on the environment will continue to improve

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