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Don't buy a list of necessary car products after you buy a car

when you buy a new car, you always have to dress up and decorate it. There are many things to match. What is necessary to buy? What is worth spending? Today I've sorted out some lists for you, and I'll tell you what is good for strong recommendation, and what is better to buy than not to buy for reference

the first one is the tire pressure monitor

a flat tire may be encountered by every driver in his driving career. According to statistics, 46% of the traffic accidents on the highway every year are caused by tire failure, of which 70% are caused by a flat tire. It is difficult for us to control whether there is a problem with the tire itself. What we can do is to constantly observe the change of tire pressure and pay more attention to the tire. It is very necessary for models without tire pressure monitoring to be equipped with a tire pressure monitor

it's convenient and can ensure your driving safety. You can have anything from 200 yuan to 1200 yuan. You can consider it according to your budget

the second one is the dash cam

now there are more and more people who bump into porcelain on the road and run away. With a dash cam, you can avoid a lot of disputes, tongues, and even fights. You see, this is how it happened. Everyone knows it. I think it is very meaningful and necessary to settle the claims that should be settled and the private ones that should be settled

it would be even better if the dash cam also has the front vehicle anti-collision and lane offset warning. After all, there are often distractions in driving now. It is very important to remind that at the critical moment. For example, Autobots is such a good product. The lane offset warning and front vehicle anti-collision warning brought by professional ADAS algorithm can remind the driver 2 seconds in advance. Don't underestimate these 2 seconds, which can prevent more than 90% of accidents

new cars generally have peculiar smell inside, and many car owners are also suffering from it. The main harmful gases in the car are formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, which affect people's bodies. After buying a new car, you can make Photocatalysts in the 4S store several times, and then go home and adsorb it with charcoal. Only when the air in the car is fresh can you drive happily. In addition, if you are in a haze city like Beijing, it is also necessary to have an air cleaner in the car

if there are children at home, child safety seats must be bought. You know, more than 50 countries and regions in the world have issued relevant laws and regulations. As long as your child is in the car, you must use the car child safety seat. If you don't sit there, it is an illegal act, ranging from a fine to imprisonment

I think it is also a very important configuration from the perspective of being responsible for children. This money can't be saved. It's OK to hold something in your hand. It's impossible to hold it when the car accident comes

then I'll tell you something that you can buy according to your personalized needs to improve your comfort, or safety

first, fire extinguishers are essential

don't think that new cars won't spontaneous combustion. Baidu, new cars spontaneous combustion everywhere, and the probability of old cars spontaneous combustion is higher. However, some people just have a fluke mentality. They are willing to smoke soft Zhonghua, but they are unwilling to buy a fire extinguisher for less than 50 yuan each. In addition, they are not covered by the vehicle spontaneous combustion insurance. When the vehicle spontaneous combustion really happens, they are helpless and regret it

once again, I would like to remind you that there are many kinds of fire extinguishers on the market, which are easy to be dazzled when choosing. Please buy them according to the following principles:

1. Buy large ones rather than small ones, and at least choose those with a capacity of more than 1kg. Those fire extinguishers the size of mineral water bottles have a short injection time, which are simply not enough when they are on fire

2. The water-based fire extinguisher has the best effect, non-toxic and harmless. In case of being trapped in the car, you can spray it on yourself and rush out of the sea of fire to avoid scalding. The disadvantage is that the price is high, which is generally more than 200 yuan. If it's too expensive, you can choose dry powder or foam fire extinguishers, which are generally about 50 yuan for 1.5kg

3. Try to buy fake fire extinguishers from regular stores or stores like and tmall. Although fake fire extinguishers are cheap, some dry powder fire extinguishers actually contain flour, so the fire extinguishing effect... It is conceivable...

the second is the multi-functional life hammer

this two in one car charger kotech is recommended. With two USB interfaces, it can charge other digital devices, such as digital cameras, while charging

doesn't it mean a life hammer? It can indeed be used as a life hammer. Just stick it to the window and press it hard, and the glass can be easily broken by the force of its internal spring. The escape window can be opened here, and the operation is effortless. Even girls can operate it easily

in addition, remove the kotech from the cigarette lighter. At this time, the rope cutter hidden under the card slot can be used as a rescue rope cutter function. In case of an accident, it can easily cut the safety belt to escape

I want to remind you that it's important to put it where you buy it. If you sit in the driver's seat and put this thing in the co pilot's glove box, I think you might as well not buy it

when you do have a collision, especially the side collision coming from the right, it is likely that your glove box will not open, or you may not reach it in an emergency

it must be placed where you can touch it with your hand, such as the inside of the central armrest box, or on the left side of your own driving side, on the small groove of the door panel, which is relatively 3 According to the loading mode of the sample, it can be divided into: tension compression fatigue test, zigzag fatigue test, change fatigue test, and composite stress fatigue test

let me tell you a few more things you can use in daily life

car vacuum cleaners, especially those for a family of three who go out for an outing. What biscuit crumbs, or small candies, with all kinds of dog hair, are very troublesome

having a car vacuum cleaner is really a solution to a thousand worries. When you go out to play, how can you find a car wash shop right away? There is one nearby immediately. And the scenic area may be expensive and bad. Bring a vacuum cleaner by yourself, which is reliable and convenient. When not in use, it's also good to suck the keyboard at home

if you are friends in the old community, maybe you can also consider buying one of the car clothes

on the one hand, prevent scratches and dogs from urinating on tires. On the other hand, if there is something like leaves falling down, or bird droppings, a car coat can solve many problems. It is recommended to buy one with zipper. When you leave something in the car, open the zipper, open the door and take it away. You don't need to cover the whole car, but take the whole car down

the last heel should be replaced; Let's talk about something that you might as well not buy if you buy it. It is strongly not recommended

I just don't like wearing seat belt buckle. It's always barking. It's noisy to death. If I insert it one by one, it won't scream. This idea is better avoided

it doesn't bark, but the car thinks you're wearing a seat belt. In most models, the time of airbag explosion is completely different between wearing a seat belt and not wearing a seat belt. If the computer misjudges, you may cause greater damage. And it's kind of people to remind you. Don't be bothered by it

then, liquid perfume. Liquid perfume, especially if it is placed directly above the center console and overturned, is generally corrosive, and your center console will become a big painted face later

in addition, summer is coming. If it is exposed to high temperature, it will explode. Its explosion power is greater than that of a lighter. Because the liquid capacity is also higher, the bottle outside is often made of glass or plastic, which will be very destructive. It is not recommended that you buy liquid and put it on the center console

if there is such a demand, you can hang the electronic universal experimental machine in the current market. The types of sensors include S-type, spoke type and one vehicle mounted aromatherapy. Compared with the ordinary 3-camera electric or variable-frequency electromechanical water used by some pull machines in the current market, automobile aromatherapy is still very safe. At least, it will not leak or explode due to special circumstances like automobile perfume, which will cause inconvenience to car owners

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