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In June, the lighting price index of ancient town was released, and the lighting price rose periodically

in June, the lighting price index of ancient town released two periods of data, which were 110.81 points and 107.98 points respectively, with a monthly average of 109.4 points, an increase of 2.13% compared with the average in May (107.11 points). Affected by the exhibition effect, the lighting price index rose periodically in June, but the overall performance was tepid, and the trading atmosphere was weaker than in previous years. Due to the slowdown of economic growth and the transformation and upgrading of the new normal, the weak adjustment has gradually become the main theme of this year

commercial lighting series continued to maintain a downward trend, hitting the lowest level this year, at 92.44 points. Driven by the exhibition effect, the price of lighting products rose slightly, but it was relatively weak year-on-year. Affected by municipal engineering construction and national macro policies, the trend of outdoor lighting series is good, with an obvious increase. The light source series index fell, showing an oversupply, causing the trading volume to gradually fall

the monthly average of the four series indexes in June was "two rises and two falls", specifically:

the average of the commercial lighting series in June was 92.54 points, down 6.36% from May

the average number of lighting series in June was 115.12 points, up 3.99% from May

the average number of outdoor lighting series in June was 102.95 points, an increase of 18.24% over may

the average number of light source series in June was 108.56 points, down 6.36% from May

I. The commercial lighting series continued to decline slowly.

the homogenization competition of commercial lighting series products was fierce. The index fell weakly in June, once hitting a low point, mainly because the performance of traditional downlight and led downlight/spotlight products was relatively low. Under the modern mode of "interconnection plus", the phenomenon of "price war" in the commercial lighting market will not decrease. In addition, market supply and demand and other factors also affect the trend of the index. It is expected that the post exhibition adjustment stage will enter in July, and the commercial lighting series index will rise against the trend

and the sales of civil aircraft will increase to 102.5 billion US dollars

second, the lighting series index first rose and then fell before using the impact experimental machine to manipulate the data

this year, China has continuously increased the regulation of the real estate market, and many cities have maintained the measures of "purchase restriction" and "price restriction", resulting in the decline of the transaction volume and price of the real estate market, causing the market to impose certain restrictions on the demand for lighting products, so that the lighting The demand for commercial lighting and so on decreased. However, driven by the exhibition and market promotion effect, the lighting series index continued to remain stable. From next month, the lighting market has entered the "off-season", and the publicity of lighting manufacturers on product sales strategies has also entered a slowdown stage. It is expected that the lighting series index will be flat, extended or fluctuated downward from next month

III. the outdoor lighting series rose against the trend

the outdoor lighting series index performed prominently in June, which not only changed the weak trend of the previous month, but also rose if these details were well detected. The increase was large, with a month on month increase of 18.24%, driving the overall index up. For a long time, the outdoor lighting index has always been a series of indexes with large amplitude fluctuations. In June, the project construction is getting better and better. Outdoor lighting products, especially LED decorative outdoor lighting, have become the main force of the project construction. Under the influence of the government demonstration project and the rise of professional stores, it is expected that the outdoor series will continue to build well or rise slightly

IV. the light source series stopped rising and fell

in June, the light source series index did not follow the good trend since the beginning of the year, and stopped rising and fell, including fluorescent lamps and brackets. With the increasingly mature LED lighting technology, the speed of replacing traditional light sources is also accelerating. In addition, the development of LED functional lighting has also opened up new areas of demand for LED lighting and promoted the recovery of LED lighting market. It is expected that the index will rise slightly in the second half of the year

with the gradual deepening of national reform, the gradual increase of downward pressure on the economy, the impact of the real estate industry and related industries, the domestic sales response of the lamp industry is that the instrument stability is not high, and the situation is not optimistic. In this context, there is no expected factor for a big change in the lighting market atmosphere. It is expected that the lighting price index will slow down or fluctuate sideways in July. In the industry reshuffle period, lighting enterprises should fully identify their own positioning, remember to imitate and follow the trend, have bold and forward-looking design thinking, use revolutionary new technologies and materials, and occupy the market with a peaceful attitude, high-quality service and superior products

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