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The latest application of advanced laser technology in OLED industry

on November, 2016, "China Beijing 2016 International Display Industry Summit Forum" was held in Beijing. This year, the theme is "cooperation, innovation and development - show that technological innovation leads future life". Relevant enterprises and research institutions from the display industry at home and abroad gathered together to discuss the future development of display technology

Lu Feixing, technical director of Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd.

the following is the actual record of the speech:

good morning, everyone. I'm glad to be able to come to this forum to exchange our work in this area with experts. I also want to thank Secretary General Liang and director Hu for giving us this opportunity to invite us to this forum. Through the forum, we also know the development status of the industry and the technical requirements, We also have a deeper understanding. Just now, President Chen of Wald also mentioned that laser cutting is the main development in everyone's application field, resulting in the high energy consumption of blast furnace lead smelting, which also makes us feel very gratified. We also hope that through this exchange, more people in the industry can feel the extent of the development of laser technology

the development of any advanced technology is phased. For laser, the technology continues to develop. The leading aspect is the laser light source. The development of laser light source has effectively realized many functions that were previously unexpected. In the development process of light source, first, the wavelength is shorter, second, the pulse width is narrower, and the peak power is ultra-high. Now picosecond and non laser industrial products have been widely used, So that many technologies can be well implemented. Picosecond and non second ultrashort pulses can form ultra-high peak power of hundreds of megawatts. What else can't be achieved in material processing? The interaction process between laser and matter can be seen through the application of ultrafast laser

ultrafast processing is cold processing in the real sense. In the real processing process, there is no debris and no heat conduction. The actual processing efficiency can also be seen from the silicon wafer processing diagram of the physical object. Therefore, the application of ultrafast technology, especially at this stage, has brought revolutionary changes to the processing of our hard and brittle materials

the application of laser in hard and brittle materials. For the application of laser in hard and brittle materials, our technology has the ability to achieve marketization. Especially from the upper right corner, we can see that in fact, it is not only able to make various forms of holes, but also can directly use laser to guide the edge after making holes. It is relatively simple to make holes, but the technology based on it is different, and it can be realized in hard and brittle materials through different technologies, Whether it is thick or thin, it can achieve very good results, especially with the expanded application of hard and brittle materials such as glass and sapphire on the panel, the most sensitive problem is the problem of the earpiece, which requires making very fine and small holes in the glass. It is simple to say, but it is very difficult to achieve in the manufacturing process. For slotting of hard and brittle materials, wearable devices now need to be waterproof, so when it is done, it is to open a slot around the hard and brittle materials, add a gasket, and finally package. At this stage, only laser can be effectively realized, and it has been widely promoted and applied in products. At this stage, with the development of ultrafast technology, it has changed from the original Xiaolong cutting technology to the cold and hot hard force splitting technology. At this stage, the laser filament technology, through such a technology, the use of ultrafast laser can form a deep laser focusing spot, which will bring revolutionary serious problems in the processing of materials, whether sapphire or glass processing. If this technology is really applied to processing, we don't need to get the cleaning process at all, which is a very obvious change

Corning's glass is very good in the drop test of Corning company, but the most essential problem of whether the glass can be broken is how big the turtle crack formed in the cutting and hole making of the glass frame. If we don't have cut products, this drop test will not break as long as the glass is of good quality. The real reason for the break is that the crack of other processing methods can't meet the normal requirements, Therefore, there are many polishing treatments to be done later to eliminate cracks and enhance the anti fall response to diffusion. In fact, the essential problem is here

therefore, it seems that laser has such a technology. In fact, our accumulation and development of this technology has exceeded five years. We followed up and made this technology very early. At this stage, we are the world leader in the cutting and drilling technology of hard and brittle materials based on laser technology. Laser can even shape in 3D, which is 2 at this stage. 5D molding, 2. 5D molding requires a surface roughness of 500 nm, which can be further improved with the development of technology

since the laser technology has reached such an advanced technology in application, there are many aspects that can be well applied in OLED. Under the trend of OLED development, it is common in the industry to adopt electro-hydraulic resonance to change the power required for fatigue testing machine. It is clear that many laser processing technologies are involved in the support of OLED. The most direct one is laser glass, which is also an OLED production line. If the original production line is transformed, Laser glass is one of the better solutions. The reason for adopting such a solution is that there is another reason for such a laser glass, and various types of twists and turns in the wire core are an important reason for the insulation eccentricity. 1. The new solution, solid-state UV laser, is also in the UV band. The substrate glass has good penetrability. At this stage, the glass required by everyone in the OLED industry is the glass process until the sample is damaged, For high-power UV lasers, our ability to do high-power lasers is no longer a problem. UV lasers do not need follow-up maintenance and do not pollute the environment. Excimer lasers need inert gases. The integration of UV laser systems will bring more convenience

excimer lasers have more than kW, and their comprehensive efficiency is no less than the application of excimer lasers in glass. These two solutions can be done in the next stage, which depends on what kind of ideas customers use. What is the root cause of our equipment being monopolized by foreign countries? The laser is mainly provided by relevant companies in the United States. For system integration, we also have this ability. It is a very mature technology in laser applications. We don't need to say that at this stage, solid-state UV lasers are used on glass. In laser applications, it is now promoting work. Using high-power UV lasers can also be very effective to meet the needs of the industry. How to complete the annealing process and compare the differences between them. There are great differences between high energy, low speed and high energy, system maintenance and comprehensive cost

glass cutting, through the glass cutting process involved in the application environment, using laser cutting can save manual links. If the edge is wrapped, the glass is not outside, and the subsequent processes are not needed at all. If the glass is outside, it needs a guide angle. China has a technical patent. Now I hear that Corning's German company has done some glass cutting experiments in BOE, Corning Germany bought the Lithuanian laser cutting patent, which has certain infringement in domestic use. The advantage of our laser cutting glass is that whether it is reinforced glass or non reinforced glass, it can be cut equally

at this stage, there are three mature products in the industry application. The leading one is the processing of small and medium-sized ultrafast laser, mainly the lens cover and fingerprint keys. It has been mature promotion and application. Based on improving the processing efficiency, the double headed processing equipment is made with high-power ultrafast laser, which has been effectively promoted and applied in the industry. Now the glass cutting equipment is based on the G6 generation, In the photovoltaic industry, the mature technology was G6 generation, so glass cutting based on G6 generation can cut a complete panel. The cutting of flexible screen based on this technology is the same. Promote the introduction of core technology. Personally, I feel that there should be a complete solution in the processing of glass and sapphire materials, whether internal or external, for the cutting of large panels, Our ability has been fully achieved, and now we are still doing a research and development work, glass to glass welding. This technology also has the prospect of application in the future. In addition, there will be some development directions for glass polishing with laser

after the mass production of the next generation of glass double-sided panels and glass panels, it is not fun to light a glass panel. Therefore, the panel processing of glass involves the mutual promotion of 3D texture and functional glass. These works are being carried out at this stage, which is to make some contributions to the better development of the industry in the next step. At the present stage, we also believe that 70% or 80% of the equipment involved in the panel industry is monopolized by foreign countries. I believe that laser equipment is also the first to enter the industry for service

Wuhan Huagong laser is mainly a listed company whose main business is laser controlled by East China University of science and technology. From the organizational structure of the company, we can see that laser processing is a national technical engineering center, and many advanced laser technologies can be realized here. The organizational structure of the company is the layout of the entire industrial chain. There are two manufacturing bases in Wuhan and Hubei. In order to master the source of ultrafast technology, We acquired a Canadian company. In order to better serve the United States, we have established a company in the United States and jointly established a service center for laser applications. The entire industrial layout is relatively perfect. The company pays attention to the accumulation of technological achievements and patented technologies, including glass cutting, in the embodiment of technological achievements. Last year, one of the comprehensive application equipment for welding and cutting in the automotive industry won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, which is also the only one in the industry. Since the 11th Five Year Plan laser company took the lead in undertaking the national science and technology support plan, it has won greater work in the 11th five year plan, the 12th Five Year Plan and this year. This year, the Ministry of science and technology has won two major projects for the support and research and development of core technologies, with a total investment of more than 70 million. For Wuhan laser company, Our laser equipment line stage can also be said to have been covered and widely used in various industries. Now it can be said that in only a few industries in China, the laser industry can compete with companies in the world in the global brand. In the process of competition, many laser equipment in the panel industry are monopolized by Korean and Japanese companies, as the technology owned by our company's laser, It can fully serve the tablet industry. Our global network layout has a good service system. We believe that our technical foundation and service guarantee ability

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