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New hot selling: Dell Lingyue 7000 r1605s 14.0 inch thin narrow frame experience

new hot selling: Dell Lingyue 7000 r1605s 14.0 inch thin narrow frame notebook, how about the specific performance of this model, and how about reaching the stress point of plastic input attack without increasing torque during the experiment, Please refer to the following user comments:

Dell Dell lingyueran 7000 r1605s usage comments:

high appearance is not disappointing. The narrow border is very good, but the bottom border is too wide and inconsistent. It's good to watch TV in daily office, but don't choose this one if you want to play games. There is also a high-definition screen, but the font of many software is a little fuzzy. You have to adjust DPI yourself. The effect depends on whether you adapt to it. Overall, it's pretty good. Let's see the subsequent use

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Dell lingyueran 7000 r1605s configuration parameters:

Product Name: Dell lingyueran 7000

product selection servo system number:

Product gross weight: 2.75kg

product origin: Chinese Mainland

System: Windows 10

thickness: 15.1mm-20.0mm

memory capacity: 8g

resolution: full high-definition screen (1920 × 1080)

graphics card model: other

standby time: more than 9 hours

processor: Intel i5 low power version

features: backlit keyboard

graphics card category: integrated graphics card

bare metal weight: 1 Kg

hard disk capacity: 256g solid state

video memory capacity: other

at the same time: light and thin notebook, conventional notebook

screen size: 14.0 inches

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