The latest anti-counterfeiting packaging film

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New anti-counterfeiting packaging film

the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo commonly used on cigarette, wine, food, drugs, cosmetics and other packaging is to directly stick it on or transfer it on the packaging of goods by heat transfer printing. This is slow and inefficient. In addition, the AD converter can not match the productivity of the automated high-speed packaging production line. In order to solve this problem, Sichuan haole High Tech Co., Ltd. developed and produced a new anti-counterfeiting packaging film by giving full play to their advantages in equipment and technology

experimental procedure the advantage of this new anti-counterfeiting packaging film is that it is colorless and transparent, and can play a better prominent role in the patterns on packaging products such as packaging bags, cartons, iron boxes, glass bottles and so on. Laser holographic patterns and words that cannot be forged can be clearly displayed under light. The thickness of the film is 10 ~ 100 microns. There is a metal plate (such as nickel plate) specially made by laser holography on the film, which is embossed on the transparent plastic film. Some concave convex indentations with different wear depths can be distributed on the whole packaging film or at a specified position. In order to increase its anti-counterfeiting performance, continuous laser photography can also be used. After multiple exposures on the sub engraving plate, a specific nickel plate can be made, so that the film has a stronger three-dimensional sense and clearer layers. So as to achieve the best effect of increasing the beauty of the outer package of the product whose loading speed cannot be adjusted and enhancing the anti-counterfeiting characteristics

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