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At the beginning of 2008, the latest assistant human resources simulation test question

single choice (1 point for each question, a total of 60 points)

some new medical technologies have appeared in biomedicine in the past 20 years. Please read the topic carefully, and according to the requirements in the topic, the government allocated 10million yen from the alternative * * to Bayer materials technology to select a correct * *, and fill in the letters in front of * * in brackets

1. Among the following systems, those that do not belong to the labor law are (b):

A. labor dispute settlement system

B. labor remuneration early warning and prediction system

C. vocational skill development system

D. employment promotion system

2. The comprehensive protection principle of the labor law, that is, to protect the basic rights and interests of workers, including (a). Personal rights and interests, legal rights and interests and agreed rights and interests

a. property rights and interests

b. compensation rights and interests

c. welfare rights and interests

d. political rights and interests

3. Internal labor disputes between employees and employers, Should (d):

A. first deal with it in accordance with the internal labor rules of the enterprise

B. deal with it with the assistance of the labor arbitration organ

C. refer it to the court for treatment

D. deal with the labor dispute handling procedures established in accordance with the law

4. Adopt modern scientific methods, effectively manage cognition, thinking, psychology and behavior, and give full play to people's subjective initiative to achieve the goals of the organization, This is the (d) of human resource management:

A. external elements - quantity management

B. external elements - quality management

C. internal elements - quantity management

D. internal elements - quality management

5. human resource demand forecasting methods are generally divided into two categories, Namely (d):

A. statistical prediction method and probability prediction method

B. local prediction method and comprehensive prediction method

C. macro prediction method and micro prediction method

D. intuitive prediction method and mathematical prediction method

6. We often recruit senior managers needed by enterprises through headhunting companies. Generally, The agency fees of these headhunting companies are (d):

A. not fixed

B. both parties discuss and decide

C. market decision

D. about one third of personal annual salary

7. The evaluation of performance evaluation results is generally divided into two categories, Namely (d:

a. benefit evaluation and efficiency evaluation

b. employee effect and management effect evaluation

c. annual effect and semi annual effect evaluation

d. short term effect and long-term effect evaluation

8. In training demand analysis, personnel demand analysis includes two aspects, namely (d).

A. knowledge evaluation and skill evaluation

B. thinking evaluation and action evaluation

C. performance evaluation and salary satisfaction

D. personnel's ability, quality, skill analysis and evaluation for job performance

9. The five elements of job evaluation are the basis of job evaluation, which are labor, labor skills, labor psychology, labor intensity and (c)

a. labor remuneration

b. labor skills

c. labor environment

d. labor ability

10. there are many factors that affect the salary setting of enterprises, including (a) local living standards, national policies and regulations, labor market conditions, etc

a8. Close the oil return valve. Social awareness

B. average level of social remuneration

C. labor quality

D. unemployment rate

11. According to the provisions of the labor law and supporting policies, after the signing of the collective labor contract, the enterprise should submit the collective labor contract in triplicate and the instructions to the labor administrative department for review within (b) days

a.5 working days

b.7 days

c1 settings can be completed in sequence. 7 working days

d.10 days

12. Economic principles believe that all economic activities must be based on elements, and the demand for human, material or resources must be put forward. Theoretically, labor demand is a derivative demand, Therefore, it is also called (b):

A. factor demand

B. induced demand

C. social demand

D. economic demand

13. Labor market rules can be summarized as (b)

a. fair, reasonable, legal

B. fair, equivalent. Legal

C. reasonable, equivalent, legal

D. balanced, reasonable, equivalent

14. The government's labor market management should have such three characteristics, namely, first, efficient, open, all-round, second, the combination of unified leadership and decentralized management, and third (b)

a. serve the national development plan

b. combine economic and social benefits

c. promote employment and serve the society

d. prosper economic development

15. * * regulation belongs to macroeconomic strategy and is one of the main means of allocating social resources. It includes two aspects, namely (d)

a. minimum living standards and minimum * * standards

b.** level prediction and warning and minimum living standards

c.** level prediction and warning and minimum * * standards

d.** guiding policies and protection policies

16. develop and improve social security undertakings and solve unemployment insurance, medical insurance, pension insurance and other aspects. This is the financial "transfer payment" part, which is the national (d) measure

A. stable economic development

B. protection of the interests of workers

C. regulation of the relationship between prices and income

D. income equalization

17. There are many methods of collecting information in statistical work. Generally, these methods can be divided into two categories, namely (b)

a. census and statistical statements

b. statistical investigation and data collection

c. sampling investigation and statistical statements

d. data collection and census

18. The quality of survey data is the key to the success of survey and statistics. Therefore, before data entry, We must carry out (c): A. data source confirmation

b. data logic test

c. prior information review

d. random inspection and verification of data

19. There are many kinds of computer viruses, which are generally divided into guided type, systematic type and (a) according to the mode of infection

a. application type

b. network transmission type

c. benign type

d. malignant type

20. In statistical work, we often need to convert data into the form of charts. In the following software, (c) can realize this function




d.frontpage21. To enter a formula in Excel, the first thing you need to enter is (b)

a. full angle equal sign

b. half angle equal sign

c.* No.

d.% No.

22. The letter of intent is

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