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The new and efficient networking fire real-time monitoring means

"Fas (municipal automatic fire alarm information system) realizes the remote monitoring of building fire-fighting facilities through modern networking technology, can grasp the operation status of the fire-fighting system in real time, receive alarm signals and actively inspect fire-fighting equipment, so as to achieve early detection and rapid treatment of various fire hazards, Realize the goal of "computerization of alarm acceptance, intellectualization of fire judgment, networking of information transmission, integration of fire prevention and elimination, modernization of management mode, real-time state monitoring, quantification of performance analysis, and standardization of data statistics", significantly improve the comprehensive supervision ability and rapid response ability of urban fire safety prevention system to ensure the quality of product packaging, and improve the level of urban disaster prevention system, Effectively controlling the occurrence of major fires will have a significant impact

the system is mainly composed of user intelligent terminal, communication network and monitoring center system. When the user's intelligent terminal receives the fault or fire alarm information of fire-fighting facilities, it will immediately send it to the center synchronously through wireless/wired mode, and the center personnel will immediately confirm the information and deal with it according to the alarm situation; Notify the management personnel and other relevant personnel of the user unit to deal with the situation at the scene synchronously through the BP machine and the way; If it is confirmed to be a fire alarm, immediately report it to the 119 dispatching command center of the fire department to enter the dispatching program

the user intelligent terminal is the front-end network equipment of the system, which is installed in the fire center of each associated unit and connected with the fire alarm controller. Its main function is to collect all kinds of alarm signals synchronously with the fire alarm controller, and send them to the Fas center synchronously through wired (or ADSL broadband, etc.) and wireless (data special, etc.)


center is an automatic alarm manual information management system integrating multiple functions. Hardware equipment includes communication service. As early as one year ago, a special project team was established, including server and front-end computer, database server, web server, GIS Server, data processing workstation, management workstation, router connected to fire communication command center, recording system, etc. The system adopts a distributed structure, and uses high-speed local area to connect the workstations with distributed functions. The system fully adopts the advanced technology of modern computer, communication, control and information comprehensive decision-making, realizes the remote monitoring and active inspection of the operation status of fire-fighting facilities, can receive in real time, G1S correctly locate and quickly transmit alarm information, so that the fire-fighting work goes deep into every fire-fighting monitoring equipment, and is interconnected with 119 fire-fighting communication command system, adopts a unified GIS and database platform, and information resources are shared, It has truly formed the "big fire control" of network management

the system mainly has the following functions:

1. Monitoring and patrol inspection function: real-time monitoring of the operation status of automatic fire alarm and linkage equipment, and regular or irregular active patrol inspection

2. Information collection function: adopt the protocol conversion method of intelligent monitoring terminal to collect fault and fire alarm information from different types of fire alarm controllers, and transmit it to the center through wireless/wired and other access methods

3. Information processing function: after receiving the information, the computer immediately gives an audible and visual alarm and carries out GIS positioning for the geographical location of the alarm object (for details, you can also click on different levels). After manual or automatic analysis and judgment of all kinds of information, it shall be processed or prioritized according to the specified process

4. Information notification function: it can query the alarm data information of a unit or a period of time, all or a certain device at any time

5. GIS positioning function: the location of alarm units and alarm points can be located on GIS in real time, and relevant information can be displayed through operation

6. Data maintenance function: the amplification factor of intelligent signal in the system can be changed by adjusting potentiometer to maintain terminal information, user information, building information, fire alarm system and its components information, GIS information, etc

7. Statistical report function: it can analyze and count the recorded data, form various reports, and print regularly and call to print

8. Security management function: the system provides a unified user authority management tool, and the operators complete various operations according to the given authority

9. Diagnosis and maintenance function: the system provides remote diagnosis and maintenance function, which is convenient for users to operate and improve work efficiency

10. Web browsing function: the system provides users with various information query services through the web

11. System expansion function: video monitoring, technical defense, personalized service, property management and other functions can be expanded

the system has the characteristics of high scientific and technological content, strong practicability, fast acceptance and processing of alarm information, and great effect on social fire safety. Since its formal promotion and application in this city, it has been highly praised and recognized by application units and scientific and technological personnel, and also highly praised by Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng, Vice Mayor Yang Xiong and other leaders. In 2003, the project was recognized as a high-tech project by the Shanghai high tech accreditation office. In the same year, it was rated as a scientific and technological achievement by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and was now used in the field of power batteries, and was awarded the third prize for scientific and technological progress by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

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