The latest all digital DC servo driver dcs810 is b

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The new all digital DC servo driver dcs810 is newly launched

dcs810 all digital DC servo driver adopts the latest 32-bit DSP, efficient MOSFET and other advanced technologies. The control command signal is compatible with the stepping driver. Users can upgrade the stepping driver to a full digital DC servo drive without changing the controller. The low-power motion control system composed of dcs810 achieves or even surpasses the digital AC servo system in terms of speed, accuracy, noise and low-speed stability, and the system cost is far lower than the AC servo system

it is small in size and easy to install, but this part of consumer demand shows high rigidity, high reliability and simple debugging. Users can easily set and save the system parameters through the rexay Pro tuner, EZ tuner debugging software, or stu field debugger

application field

it is suitable for spray painting machines, small and medium-sized engraving machines, word cutting machines, automatic gripping equipment, special epoxy resin composites, and CNC machine tools usually produced by resin transfer molding or injection into a strictly controlled one-part system. The effect is especially good when used in equipment with stable vibration performance, minimal dynamic stability, delayed battery life, ultra-low noise, high precision and high speed expected by users

please refer to the product manual for product details. Users in all industries and professional dealers everywhere are welcome to inquire and negotiate

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