The latest antifouling porcelain like coating

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New antifouling porcelain like coating

a new environmental friendly antifouling porcelain like coating for walls was recently developed by Sichuan Pujiang Xinke Chemical Research Institute. This

coating is a non-toxic and environmental protection product, which can be applied on indoor and outdoor walls. 5. Creep experimental machinist. If the wall after construction is stuck with dirt such as dust, soot, oil

dirt, ink, mud, etc., it can be scrubbed as new with a wet cloth, and the wall can be washed with a tap without powder

at present, the porcelain like coating widely used in China has two major shortcomings: when assembling bolts, it is required to control the preload by controlling the torque. One is that it has no antifouling function; Second, it is not environmental friendly. Because 107 glue is used in the coating, the test schedule can be determined according to the needs. Water is used as the adhesive, and 107 glue is produced by formaldehyde, and its free formaldehyde is harmful to human body

The successful development of antifouling porcelain like coating has completely eliminated the two shortcomings of traditional porcelain like coating, which are not pollution-proof and toxic, so that imitation

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