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TBT Circular of India on the revision rules of weights and measures standards (packaged goods)

in June 2006, in addition to testing the fatigue performance of metal materials, the Ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution of India issued the TBT Circular of "revision rules of weights and measures standards (packaged goods)" to the technical barriers to Trade Committee of the World Trade Organization on June 14 (Circular No.: g/tbt/n/ind/18)

the products covered by this rule include packaged goods other than drugs

content overview: the Jinan assay pull machine software is excellent. This amendment redefines "pre packaged goods" and other announcements, and stipulates that a label is in Hindi and English, including the maximum retail price (MRP)

proposed approval date proposed effective date: to be determined

deadline for comments: July 25th, 2006

information source: China packaging

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