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The teachers and students of the AI characteristic class visited the Huigu Park of science and technology innovation

Nankai news (correspondent huofei) in order to better explore the first and second classroom linkage mode, broaden students' professional vision, and cultivate students' professional cognition pattern of serving the national strategic development needs, recently, the teachers and students of the AI characteristic class visited the Huigu Park of science and technology innovation in Tianjin, visited a number of scientific research institutions and science and innovation enterprises, and learned about the cutting-edge technology in the industry, Feel the impact of scientific and technological innovation on social development on the spot. Relevant leaders of the AI college, class tutors, counselors and the employment specialist of the school's employment guidance center were accompanied

the first stop of a delegation of more than 40 teachers and students was the high-end equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University. After learning about the founding history of the Institute and the current scientific research team, the teachers and students browsed the current innovative scientific research achievements of the Institute and some entrepreneurial projects that have been successfully incubated. Among these achievements, most R & D involves cross-border cooperation in many fields, not only between different departments, but also between schools and enterprises. It is a great achievement to see that the scientific research achievements in the laboratory can more serve the actual production and solve practical problems. The head of the Institute said

then, teachers and students came to iFLYTEK Group Tianjin Zhihui Valley for a visit. In the exhibition hall, teachers and students first learned about the outstanding scientific and technological achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years and the current situation of the development of China's artificial intelligence industry through promotional videos. Then, under the leadership of the staff, teachers and students experienced iFLYTEK's scientific and technological innovation achievements in smart voice input, smart home services, smart medicine and other aspects in recent years. Through intelligent speech recognition, we can achieve simultaneous interpretation of various dialects into English and Russian, and can also speak Mandarin with President Trump's voice. When the staff explained that iFLYTEK Voice Translator was presented to foreign friends as a national gift by President Li Keqiang, the pride on the students' faces was beyond expression. On the cultural wall, AI, empowering the world, has attracted the attention of many students. I am proud of my major. I think we can create more value for the country and the world in the future! Sheng Peng, a student of the AI characteristic class, said

at the last stop, teachers and students visited Tianjin Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd. In the corporate culture corridor, teachers and students learned about the great efforts and important breakthroughs made by domestic excellent enterprises represented by BGI in intelligent biotechnology and genetic coding engineering in recent years. The development of BGI is not plain sailing, but we have been trying to overcome world problems with Chinese wisdom. The person in charge of BGI said. The same is true of scientific research, always looking for breakthroughs in continuous failures, and finally moving towards success. Professor liujingtai, the tutor of the AI special class, told the students on the spot that the introduction to the spirit of science has high accuracy

after the visit, many students showed the latest photos of AI robots and high-end automatic control equipment in their circle of friends. During the visit, what impressed me most was not only these high-end equipment and scientific and technological achievements, but also the pride of being a Chinese AI industry player! Whether it's scientific research institutes or the chairman of Nangang group, Huang 1 said that our country's independent innovation has been in the forefront of the world in some fields, and our scientific and technological achievements are contributing to global development! Song Yinuo, a student of the characteristic class, said

it is reported that this visit to science and innovation enterprises is one of a series of measures taken by the College of artificial intelligence to serve the national development strategy based on the characteristic class, cultivate the positioning of innovative scientific and technological talents, and innovate the talent training mode. The College of artificial intelligence will give full play to the educational advantages of professional teachers, and through the linkage between the first and second classes, it will build an innovative practice education platform for students to go out and do it. If the professional quality of students is unbalanced, it is easy to cause premature wear and tear of mechanical parts and data errors, cultivate the spirit of innovation, and truly become the successor in the field of scientific and technological innovation in the new era

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