TCL smart TV sales rose 47% year-on-year in August

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In August, TCL smart TV sales increased by 47% year-on-year

on September 8, TCL group released an announcement on product sales and service business development in August, and the smart, LCD panel and home appliance businesses continued to maintain steady development in the month. The intelligent network TV business has performed well, and significant progress has been made in the sales of main products, especially curved TV, and user operations

multimedia business became the highlight of TCL Group in August. TCL sold 1657000 LCD TVs this month, including 686000 and 937000 TCL multimedia LCD TVs in domestic and foreign markets this month. In the month, the sales volume of smart TV increased by 47.1% year-on-year. The sales volume of domestic smart TV was 441000 units, accounting for 64.3% of the sales volume of TCL multimedia LCD TV in the domestic market. The relative error of the national standard definition remains to be discussed and improved

it is worth paying special attention to that TCL recently exhibited qled2.0, curved TV H8800, quantum dot TV h9700 and other products when participating in IFA in Germany in 2015, which showed deep technological innovation strength. In particular, the hot sale of H8800 has made TCL successfully win the sales champion of domestic brand curved TV in August, and has been the leader in the retail volume share of domestic curved TV for 15 consecutive weeks (data source: zhongyikang), showing TCL's strong market competitiveness in the field of curved TV business

tcl intelligent network TV user operation has maintained a rapid growth trend. By the end of August, the cumulative active users operated through the company's smart TV terminals had reached 10.049 million, and the average number of active users [1] per day this month was 3.772 million. At the same time, the number of active users of smart TV terminals operated by Huan has reached 16.382 million, with an average of 596 active users per day. 60000, and the number of game application users is 2.997 million. In addition, the cumulative number of active users of TCL mobile Internet application platform reached 16.434 million, the monthly active users' comprehensive thinking functions and specifications were 6.769 million, and the cumulative number of applications downloaded was 148 million, an increase of 13.2% month on month

the performance of communication business was stable in August. The announcement shows that TCL communications' sales of this month and other products totaled 6.63 million units, with sales of 747000 units in domestic and foreign markets and 83000 units at a temperature of 100 ⑴ 50 degrees, respectively. Among them, the sales volume of smart in August increased by 9.11% year-on-year, accounting for 59.2% of the total sales volume of TCL communications and other products

in addition, the number of LCD glass substrates cast by csot in August was 141000, achieving a total sales of 1942000 LCD TV panels and modules. In the household appliance group business, the sales volume of refrigerator products in August increased by 30.3% year-on-year

from the recent market dynamics of TCL, the company's competitive advantages in technological innovation and new product research and development are gradually emerging, especially in terms of smart TV product sales and user operations, showing good development expectations. The new products that have been launched in succession are expected to further improve the company's business performance and get a good response in the capital market

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