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The TCO conductive glass manufacturing base of hanergy group started construction in Taizhou recently, the TCO conductive glass manufacturing base, a high-tech project of hanergy group, started construction in Taizhou new energy industrial park, with an investment of 840million yuan in the first phase of the project. It is expected that after completion, it will have an annual production capacity of 5.6 million square meters of TCO conductive glass and 10 TCO glass production lines, with an annual output value of about 1billion yuan

tco conductive glass is a high-tech product. It is used to collect current in thin-film solar cell system, which can make the semiconductor layer in the middle of the panel have transverse conductivity, so as to absorb and utilize more sunlight, improve the weak light power generation effect of thin-film cells, and reduce the requirements for light angle. It is especially suitable for distributed power generation fields such as roofs. At the same time, TCO film has high transmittance and antireflection functions, which can let most of the light enter the absorption layer and become a thin-film photovoltaic substrate with excellent performance. In addition to being used in the field of thin-film solar energy, TCO glass can also be used in the manufacture of touch screens for electronic products, such as tablet computers. At present, most domestic TCO glasses that are not easy to be damaged still rely on imports from Japan

as a private clean energy enterprise with the largest scale and the highest degree of expertise in China, covering hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power generation, hanergy group has always attached great importance to the research and development and investment of thin-film solar cell technology. Through independent innovation and Technology Mergers and acquisitions, it has seven thin-film solar product technologies, including amorphous silicon germanium, nano silicon and copper indium gallium selenium. In June this year, hanergy acquired solibro, a wholly-owned subsidiary of German photovoltaic giant Q-Cells. Its mass production of thin-film products was adjusted to the clockwise rotation of the pointer equal to the high value. After that, the conversion rate exceeded 15%, ranking the world's leading position. On November 29, hanergy holding group held a strategic conference in Beijing, officially announcing that it has become the world's largest thin-film solar energy enterprise and solar power system integrator

at present, the United States and the European Union have launched a "double anti" campaign against China's crystalline silicon solar products. Taizhou new energy industrial park complies with the situation, takes the initiative, takes improving the level and enhancing competitiveness as the core, actively adjusts the industrial structure and development direction, constantly improves the more rational and impact resistant photovoltaic industry layout, and vigorously develops emerging industries, especially strategic emerging industries. After the completion of the TCO conductive glass manufacturing base settled this time, it will drive the output value of relevant industries by about 500 million yuan per year, which will provide supporting facilities for the thin-film solar energy manufacturing configuration distributed by hanergy around the Yangtze River Delta. In fact, for him, there is no large purpose base nearby

with the previously settled Huijing azo conductive glass project, Taizhou new energy industrial park, such as thin-film materials, energy storage materials, liquid crystal materials, mechanical resonators and other thin-film solar conductive glass, will have an annual future production capacity of 7.6 million square meters, which is expected to become the largest conductive glass production base in China. Zhonghua glass () Department

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