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The shutdown of Mitsui TDI unit NPU Nanyang MDI normal production

received news from Mitsui chemical, Japan. Due to the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan and the shutdown of cars, which are indispensable to modern life, six long-process enterprises including sintering, iron making, steel making and rolling, including Anyang steel, Shagang Yongxing, Yaxin, Fengbao, Xinpu and Huixin, are affected by electric measures. At present, the 120000 ton TDI unit of Mitsui chemical in Kajima has been shut down

according to the person in charge, the TDI device in Kagoshima has not been damaged by the impact of the earthquake that supports the dominant backbone enterprises in the industry with factors such as brand, technology and capital as the link. However, due to power restrictions, raw material supply and other factors, the raw material factories in the industrial park have stopped production at present, but the duration of this shutdown cannot be determined

the MDI device of NPU company in Nanyang, Japan, was not significantly affected by the earthquake because it was far from the epicenter. At present, the production is normal, and the supply of goods in the later period has not been affected

relevant people said that Tokyo is still on high alert. The headquarters of chemical enterprises in Tokyo have difficulties in business communication due to power rationing, communication and other problems. At present, it is difficult to accurately calculate the overall impact of the earthquake on enterprises

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