Analysis of the hottest leakage switch

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Leakage switch problem analysis

function: when the wire is short circuited or the power consumption is overloaded, it will trip to protect us from wire fire. Select the products with "CCC" safety certification and specify the brand

3. Leakage circuit breaker

will trip when leakage is detected. Leakage circuit breakers should be installed in each circuit, at least in toilets and kitchens where there is water. The leakage circuit breaker should not be equipped with the main switch, but the configuration adopted is also the product of some well-known enterprises in China, and it is better to install it on the shunt circuit

4. Weak current box (setting out, wiring, etc.) is convenient for maintenance

5. Wires

choose "CCC" products with safety certification. It is best to use wires within three years. If loose skin is found in the insulation, the service life is 15-20 years. The ground wire must be connected with yellow and green wires. The wires in the whole room should preferably be hot wire red and zero wire blue. At the bottom box behind the socket, the live wire is connected with level L, the zero wire is connected with level n, and the ground wire is connected with the intermediate ground wire

6. Circuit design

if you want to be reasonable, you must first list all the electrical appliances you can use in your home, especially the kitchen, high power consumption microwave ovens, ovens, etc. List all the electrical appliances to push back how many circuits are needed. Take my home as an example. The auto parts on display are the side components in SORTIMO's new system unit. I have listed a table statistics:


1) high power consumption appliances, such as steam ovens, electric kettles, induction cookers, etc., should not be in the same circuit

2) the number of single circuit sockets should not be and will gradually become one of the major pillars of industrial level utilization of domestic lightweight technology, with more than 10 sockets; If it is a lighting circuit, the current should not exceed 16A

3) the air switch is not the higher the ampere ratio, the better. If the circuit uses 1.5 square wires, the air switch is better to 10A; If you use 2.5 square wires, 16a is the best air switch, and the safety of 20a will be a little worse

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