Tdx2000450mhz frequency newly launched by the hott

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Tdx2000/450MHz frequency band data transmission module newly launched by tedaxin

after the wireless data transmission module tdx2000 launched by tedaxin communication technology is widely used in 230MHz frequency band, the 450MHz frequency band is newly launched

functional characteristics of tdx2000 professional wireless data transmission module

1. Independently developed and produced products adopt professional and complete secondary frequency conversion RF circuit design and advanced frequency synthesis technology, with high reliability, which is completely different from the common single-chip transceiver module in the market

2. The technical indicators are basically the same as those of professional digital radio stations, and the processing time of high flexibility is short; The thermoplastic polymer has the advantages of convenient processing, rapid reshaping, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and low bit error rate

3, 450MHz ~ 462mhz frequency band, wide working frequency band and small co frequency interference. Our company also launched data transmission modules in 150MHz frequency band and 230MHz frequency band to provide users with choices

4, 12m band programmable channels, frequency, rate, data format and other parameters can be set by computer programming. Programming software and testing software are provided according to users' needs

5. Temperature compensation circuit (vc/tcxo) is adopted, frequency stability is better than 2.5ppm, and working environment temperature is -25 ℃ ~ +60 ℃; Suitable for harsh working environment

6. All metal shell design, ultra small volume, excellent electromagnetic compatibility, can be embedded and installed in various instruments without mutual interference

7. The transmission power of 10MW ~ 1000MW is explained when the user customizes (the maximum power is 500MW when 5V power supply; the maximum power is 1000MW when 12V power supply). 10MW micro power output can be used freely without applying for frequency

8, 50 ohm standard antenna impedance, good matching characteristics, long transmission distance, up to several kilometers or even more (related to the environment, antenna type and height)

9. The design of RF circuit and modulation and demodulation circuit is integrated to improve the stability of products. With standard serial communication interface RS232, TTL level or RS485 interface can also be provided according to user needs; It can also provide an analog signal interface with external modems to match different types of external modems such as FSK, FFSK, MSK, gksk, etc., with a maximum rate of 19.2kbps

10. The start-up time of the transmitter is less than 50ms, and the transceiver conversion time is faster

11. In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, the data transmission status is indicated by a two-color LED. The green light is on when receiving data; The red light is on when transmitting data

12. Extremely low bit error rate: ≤ @-119dbm4800bps

13. Compatibility: tdx2000 can communicate with tdx868a/5w, tdx868al/10w and tdx868e/2 of our company, including 3 R & D centers and 1 pilot test base 5W, which is convenient to set up

14. A variety of signals can be provided according to user needs: receive sensitivity indication (RSSI)/carrier sense (SQ) and other signals

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