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Technical analysis and transformation assumption of the fire protection system of a business building in Beijing Abstract: Taking the equipment condition of the fire protection system of a business building in Beijing built in the 1980s as an example, this paper makes a technical analysis of the fire protection system of the building and puts forward the transformation project assumption

key words: technical analysis and transformation project of fire protection system Untitled Document author profile: Wang Jie, engineering management department of Jingxin building, senior engineer; Pu Rongsheng, member of the electrical fire prevention committee of China Fire Protection Association, senior engineer of the armed police of Beijing Fire Bureau. Analysis and Reconstruction of a Fire Control System of A Business Building in BeijingWang Jie, Pu RongshengAbstract: Based on the case of a fire control system of a building built in the 1980's in Beijing, this paper analyses the technology of the system and presents the reconstruction plan. Keywords: fire fighting system, technical analysis, introduction to the fire fighting system of reconstruction projectl building 1.1 composition of the fire fighting system the building is composed of the main building, the southwest auxiliary building and the East auxiliary building. The building height is 108.4 meters, and the total construction area is 86000 square meters. It is a class I building. The central fire control room is located on the first floor of the main building. It was designed according to the code for fire protection design of high-rise civil buildings in 1986, and the system was put into operation in 1990. The composition of the fire protection system is shown in Figure L

1.2 building fire protection system alarm way · confirm the fire on site, and press the alarm switch at the nearby fire hydrant· The fire department next to the area controller directly informs the central control room· Alarm signals from smoke and temperature detectors installed everywhere· An alarm signal sent by a water flow indicator in an automatic sprinkler system. 1.3 fire handling procedure of building fire protection system when the central control room receives the fire alarm signal: * the personnel on duty first go to the site to confirm the location and scope of the fire+ Immediately notify relevant personnel and fire department with· People are more and more interested in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic, and all elevators will be reduced to the first floor: · cut off all non fire power in the fire area· Close the fire damper on the fire area and the pipeline connected to the fire area: · close the relevant air conditioner· Turn off the fan without smoke exhaust function· Turn on the smoke exhaust Pavilion and smoke exhaust fan· Open the air supply valve and positive pressure fan- Close the fire shutter doors in this area and related to this area· Start the spraying pump and fire pump; Inform people to evacuate through the public address system. In order to carry out fire fighting work. 1.4 main fire-fighting equipment room of the building (1) central control room · location: the first floor of the main building · function: fire-fighting control center of the building. It is equipped with automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control equipment. (2) Fire pump room * location: three floors underground * function: there are two fire pumps in high and low areas; There are two spray pumps in high and low areas: fire pump starting cabinet and spray pump starting cabinet on both sides. 2 problems and analysis of building fire protection system 2.1 products are eliminated. The automatic fire alarm and control of the building, which affected the operation of the system, are set in many medical plastic exhibits, and the products produced by a domestic electronic instrument factory are selected. Including 142 temperature detectors, 1968 smoke detectors, 48 area alarms and 93 manual alarm switches. There are 68 fire hydrant switches, 102 water flow indicators, 1 centralized alarm and 2 centralized controllers. The manufacturer of the system equipment stopped producing spare parts in 1996, and all the equipment was eliminated, which hindered the maintenance of fire-fighting equipment in the building. The normal operation of the fire protection system has been seriously affected. Fj-a type products selected for the construction of the fire shutter door of the building in 1990 have been eliminated by the manufacturer, and maintenance parts cannot be purchased. 2.2 the aging of electronic components has led to uncertain technical performance of products. The fire protection system of the building was designed in 1986. The installation and commissioning were completed and put into use in 1990, and it has been running for 14 years. Although the operation and maintenance of the equipment are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification. However, the aging of electronic components cannot be controlled. The technical performance of the product is unstable. Current status of main equipment in the central control room: A. status of automatic fire alarm equipment equipment function: patrol the alarms in all areas of the building. When any area alarm sends an alarm signal. The alarm center can display the alarm number of the area where the signal is sent and the number of the shunting number. Print records at the same time. The current situation of the fire alarm console is shown in Figure 2: equipment functions: · control the spray pump and fire pump as shown in Figure 4· Control smoke exhaust fans, forced draft fans, air conditioners and ventilators: · control fire dampers, smoke valves and forced draft valves with fewer exhaust financing channels: · control power switching: · start fire Broadcasting: · control elevator forced landing on the first floor. The status of components in the cabinet is shown in Figure 5: at the same time, due to the aging of the equipment, the frequency of detector non reporting and false reporting has increased year by year, which brings unsafe hidden dangers to the building fire safety pneumatic accuracy within ± 0.5%. 2.3 the product technology is backward and the function is incomplete. The technical level of fire safety is low. 2.3.1 the technology of automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control system is backward. The detector is an ion detector containing radioactive sources. There is the possibility of polluting the environment in use, and it is inconvenient to maintain and clean· The components of the system are made of discrete digital integrated circuits. There is no intelligence: · in the control system. The control cabinet is made of transistor switching circuit, and the technical content is very low· The wiring of the alarm system is a four wire bus line:, - the wiring of the control system is

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