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Tomato juice soft packaged beverage production process

tomato is a fruit vegetable that people love very much. It has high nutritional value and is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. Making tomato juice soft packaged drinks with tomatoes has easy access to raw materials and low cost, which is only 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the cost of hawthorn juice and citrus juice soft packaged drinks; And the juice yield of tomatoes is high. 80 ~ 90 kg of tomato juice can be squeezed per 100 kg of tomatoes. The production process of tomato juice soft packaged beverage is relatively simple, and the main production links are as follows

1. So what's the problem? Judging from the failure of 5000 plastic products widely studied by Smithers Rapra, the prepared tomato raw materials are sorted manually, and the immature green tomatoes and rotten bad tomatoes are removed

2. Clean the sorted tomatoes, wash them with clean water first, and then wash them with potassium permanganate solution to meet the requirements of cleaning and disinfection

3. Juicing will crush the cleaned tomatoes, extract the juice with a hydraulic juicer, and naturally clarify and filter

4. Seasoning: dissolve an appropriate amount of salt, sugar, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, pepper and other seasonings with a small amount of water and mix them with tomato juice. After standing for 1 hour, filter out the garbage

5. Sterilization: the filtered tomato juice is sterilized at high temperature for a short time. Sterilization temperature 120 ℃; It takes about 5 ~ 10 seconds to reduce the cooked taste of tomato juice and the excessive loss of nutrients. Rapid cooling after sterilization

6. There are more than 10 large-scale plastic packaging markets, which choose dark green and dark brown non-toxic and tasteless soft plastic bags or composite cartons for packaging. Packaging should be carried out in a closed packaging room to prevent secondary microbial pollution

7. The inspection shall strictly inspect the packaged tomato juice soft packaged drinks to prevent loose sealing, mixing with foreign matters or insufficient filling volume. After passing the inspection, it can be packed into the warehouse or sold on the market

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