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The core competitiveness of enterprises is the key elements for the survival and development of companies, such as some technologies, skills and management mechanisms. By using information technology, enterprises can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance their core competitiveness. Taking Harbin Turbine Plant as an example, in order to adapt to the fierce market competition, Harbin steam introduced advanced management ideas and management methods. Build an internal local area, and take this as a platform to comprehensively develop and promote the application of pdm/cad/capp/cam and other software, and comprehensively implement information management in the production process. It has greatly improved the company's process technology and process management level, shortened the product development, research and production cycle, and improved the product manufacturing level

in recent years, the company's production tasks have doubled. In order to achieve the goals of high efficiency, quality, cost and benefit, the company has started a large-scale technological transformation, and proposed to take the construction of process informatization as a breakthrough, carry out the construction of CAPP, cam, PDM and other systems, and comprehensively implement process informatization in the company

th-capp2004 is an integrated process information management platform system based on open architecture. It organizes and manages process documents based on product structure; Take the "what you see is what you get" process card as the manifestation of process data; Support multiple professional interactive process design and multi document operation; It can automatically and semi automatically fill in the product attributes instead of transferring the subsidiary company to the shareholder data through asset splitting; Customize various summaries; Standard typical process documents; It provides intelligent management and utilization tools for process design knowledge and experience, and realizes process planning process management and electronic signature

after the implementation of th-capp2004 system, Harbin automobile meets the needs of enterprise process informatization, and provides effective process data for other departments in time; It improves the work efficiency and comprehensively improves the process design and management level

With the development of machining technology, CNC machine tools have been widely used in the field of machining. Greatly improve the processing quality and efficiency

NC program is generated by selecting machining tools, cutting parameters, feed direction, machining accuracy and other data. The tool position file is formed and stored in the computer for post-processing. Finally, the generated machine tool can execute NC machining programs. While generating the NC program, interference inspection is carried out to determine other parts of the tool in the machining process and ensure the quality of the machined surface. Through the application of CAM computer aided manufacturing system, the accuracy of programming is greatly improved, the programming efficiency is improved, and it meets the needs of current production

iman is a product data management system with a company level die casting consumption accounting for about 80%. It contains all the information of each stage of the product life cycle. Through Iman, all members of the company can obtain the required information in parallel and quickly. In Iman, quickly capture all the information generated during the development cycle of 600-800mm products, which is conducive to continuously improving the company's production and process management. It organically combines product design, drawing countersignature, process design, NC program and machine tool processing

iman is an integrated platform based on relational database. With a shared database as the center, it can span the operating system platform and application software platform, and can realize the information integration of multiple platforms. The cad/capp/CAM integration system based on PDM makes full use of its characteristics of data and software integration, and forms an indispensable environmental platform for the company to realize information integration

to sum up, process technology informatization has promoted the innovation of company management. The chemical stability within the company is achieved through local area, good information communication is formed, and a high degree of internal integration is formed. Informatization supports the continuous innovation of the company. The application of information technology in process technology can make the production management of the company more scientific, coordinated and efficient. (end)

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