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Packaging processing and production process requirements

second, melon beating refers not to melon beating dog. In the era of letterpress printing, the "Mafia" used the positioning lead particles with lower typesetting than the literal ones

third, fighting refers to learning from monkey king's specialty. The bottom printing car is equipped with an automatic paper turning device, which can bite the paper mouth to print the surface and bite the paper tail to print the bottom at one go

IV. reflexivity refers to a printing method that saves printing plates. Let the paper finish printing one side first, and then turn the paper left and right, and turn the bottom upside down, which is called the bottom reflexive version, and the end of the paper when the bottom of the mouth is reversed, which is called the mouth reflexive version. The printing plate remains unchanged, and the process of reprinting the back of the paper selects the machine head standard

v. flying ink refers to that the printing machine rotates fast and the ink body is not thick enough, and the centrifugal force makes the ink splash

VI. ink line refers to drawing a gauge line on the printing plate so that it is just printed on the gauge position of the paper, and the needle position can be monitored at a glance

VII. The floating fingerprint plate is not hydrophilic and becomes lipophilic. Of course, it has a thin oil stain. The problem is that the acidity of the water in the bucket is wrong

VIII. Firing finger, commonly known as drum. The action of the rubber drum leaving the impression drum

IX. gun clamping refers to that too much paper is clamped between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder, which makes the printing machine stop rotating due to the overall corrosion degradation induction of PLGA

10. Which residue refers to the ink stain that should not be printed on the paper? The problem also lies in the ink balance

Xi. Click means that the printing machine stops rotating, mostly because the paper feeding is not smooth or the double paper feeding triggers the safety device

12. The needle position refers to the position where the injection is not performed. Stop gauge edge of the printing sheet. The paper is long and short, and the needle position alignment is required for printing chromaticity and cutting

XIII. Continuous printing refers to the continuous printing process that saves film. Move the exposure with the registration cross

XIV. Over backing refers to the term of printing accident. Refers to the ink layer is too thick to dry, polluting the back of the paper pressed on it

XV. The head of the car (on the voice) refers to the driver called the head of the car in the Philippines. The printing head is not the captain, but refers to the printing speed

XVI. Stone number refers to the appellation of printing quantity in the era of lithography. One color is called one stone for paper stamping

XVII. Second hand refers not to second-hand goods. The second hand of the fingerprint brush machine, or watch. Jinan assaying 600 ton horizontal tensile testing machine

18. Proofing refers to not having an enemy with the manuscript, but pre printing a formal print through the proofing machine to help enterprises complete the sample manuscript when the industry is upgraded

19. Feida refers not to express delivery, but to the paper feeding device of the printing machine

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