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Processing and packaging of roasted eel kebabs

roasted eel kebabs produced in Xiamen are directly sold in Japan and are popular in the Japanese market. There are two processing and packaging methods for roasted eel skewers in China:

1. The production process of Pearl roasted eel skewers: the raw material eel is decapitated, peeled, eviscerated, cut, rinsed, drained, seasoned, penetrated, spread, dried, mashed, roasted, post rolling Marathon, inspection, weighing, packaging and professional pneumatic finished products for the master. This product can also be processed into semi-finished products (and without seasoning), until they are one of the goals of alloy composition design and microstructure control, and then put into the market

2. Production process of spiced eel: the solution to the salt of raw eel is not much stains, cooking, drying, spiced seasoning and baking, and the package is the finished product

source: Agricultural Information

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