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Processing methods of paper product packaging and printing

for the paper product packaging and printing factory, these are large pieces on this pulling machine. On the premise of ensuring the quality of packaging and printing, the enterprises that print ordinary packaging boxes with poor quality tissue paper cannot make qualified packaging boxes, which is undoubtedly a good way to improve profits. However, the flour paper with poor paper generally has the phenomena of falling powder, roughening, foaming and so on. In view of this situation, combined with work experience, several treatment methods are introduced

1. When the paper is roughened, foamed or slightly powdered, the water on the paper can be compressed by air before printing. Under the action of pressure, part of the paper wool and paper powder will be adsorbed on the blanket to reduce the phenomenon of paper roughening and powdering. At the same time, after the paper fiber absorbs water and expands, the paper structure will become tighter under the action of pressure, so as to improve the printability. In addition, the surface tension formed by the water molecules filled in the pores on the paper surface will have an adsorption effect on the coating layer on the paper surface, which can also achieve the purpose of changing the physical properties of the paper and improving the printability

2. When the paper is roughened and foamed seriously, which affects the quality of the print, adding about 3% of the adhesive remover to the ink is helpful to solve the problem. However, it should always play a major role. Special attention should be paid to that the amount of adhesive remover should not exceed 5%, otherwise it will not only affect the gloss of printing products, but also easily cause dirty versions

3. When the paper is seriously powdered and roughened, a layer of primer can be printed on the surface of the paper first, and then color printing can be carried out after drying. As the permeability of the paper surface is improved, the print quality, especially the gloss of the print, will be significantly improved

in addition, in spring in the south, the air is humid, and thin paper is easy to absorb moisture and form ruffles, resulting in paper wrinkles during printing. When kneading the paper can't solve the problem, you can let the paper be transferred in the printing machine for several times under the condition of off pressing, so that you can also pull the black knob to solve the paper wrinkle problem. Peers might as well try it

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