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In 2015, the 3D printing industry will be involved in many fields

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core tip: Recently, steveheller, a well-known expert in the field of 3D printing, analyzed the hot fields of global 3D printing in 2015. He believes that in the new year, 3D printing will be in prototype, jewelry, aviation, consumables Artistic creation and other aspects continue to make efforts

[China Packaging News] recently, steveheller, a well-known expert in the field of 3D printing, analyzed the hot fields of global 3D printing in 2015. He believed that in the new year, 3D printing would continue to make efforts in prototype, jewelry, aviation, consumables, artistic creation, etc


the prototype application of 3D printing has always had a huge exhibition lineup at the European Mold Exhibition. Basically, when enterprises use 3D printing technology as a rapid prototyping application to bring confidence and development to extruder enterprises, products will be brought to the market faster. This trend will certainly continue and move forward


it is expected that new 3D printing materials will appear in 2015 to expand the application field of 3D printing, so as to speed up the adoption of 3D printing technology by more people and enterprises

medical care

the final implant can be printed directly according to the actual situation of the patient. It does not need molds and other tools to provide personalized, one-time solutions for patients


this is definitely a customized field. Micro laser sintering technology of a German company. The 3D printing layer thickness of this technology can reach 1 micron, which will achieve an incredible resolution

3d printed portraits

with the popularization of D printing application in the 3-point zigzag experiment and the investment of more and more art designers, the application of 3D printing in portrait dolls is becoming more and more mature. The printed portraits to a certain extent reflect the demands of the capital market, especially the radical investors, have also begun to move from form similarity to spirit similarity, becoming more and more vivid, which will inevitably attract more practical needs


aerospace and healthcare are the two major growth drivers in the field of 3D printing. Metal 3D printing technology is mainly used in aerospace field, especially in direct metal laser printing. In 2015, aerospace will not only provide greater demand, but also continue to promote the improvement of metal 3D printing technology


2015 color will be a major focus. Future enterprises will need more full-color product prototypes than monotonous gray prototypes. If the technology cost can be further reduced, this will be a huge trend

art and fashion

although it is a relatively small field now, it has a great influence. It can effectively expand the popularity of 3D printing. According to relevant personnel, 3D printing actually has a high profit in art and fashion

direct manufacturing

in terms of direct manufacturing, this is another real trend. With the development of 3D printing technology, more and more 3D printers that directly print final products will appear in the future. This is one of the signs of the maturity of the industry, and many enterprises are working towards this direction

scientific research

another field that is easy to be ignored is scientific research. For example, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States and TNO in the Netherlands are committed to the research and development of the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology

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