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3D glass will usher in explosive growth. Upstream and downstream manufacturers will also benefit. As the most important part of the appearance, the material technology of the screen has been in rapid progress. Previously, smart screens mostly used plain 2D glass, such as the glass screen of the iPhone 4. In 2014, apple first adopted 2.5D glass with curved edge design on the screen of iPhone 6, bringing a smooth hand feel. This material was soon widely used in many domestic products

in 2016, Samsung enabled double-sided 3D glass on its flagship Galaxy S7. Different from 2.5D glass, 3D glass adopts arc design both in the middle and at the edge, which has the advantages of lightweight, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare and good weather resistance. It can not only have a more three-dimensional appearance, but also bring an excellent touch and feel

according to the data, the launch of Galaxy S7 was a great success, leading the global Android camp in sales. It is reported that Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S8 will also continue to use 3D glass materials, while Huawei, Xiaomi and other domestic giants have followed suit and launched new products that use 3D glass but are still flexible in deformation

the increasing pressure from competitors has put more and more pressure on apple. The new generation iPhone also urgently needs to make significant improvements in appearance to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Recently, the latest rendering of the "all glass body" of the iPhone 8 has received great attention on the, and consumers are looking forward to the "all glass" appearance design. If this expectation comes true, 3D glass with excellent bending performance will undoubtedly assume the responsibility of appearance materials

lansys technology is actively preparing for the war.

as the largest glass cover manufacturer in China and the second largest in the world, lansys technology is also an important partner of apple in China. In the 2.5D glass era, lansys technology is an important supplier of apple. In recent years, the company has also continuously developed 3D glass with metal and non-metal component materials

according to the company, on the basis of early research and development results and small batch production, the company has developed and designed some key production equipment, significantly improved the process level and yield of 3D panel and back cover glass, pioneered the processing method of four side bending 3D glass, and realized the exclusive supply of four side bending 3D glass panel and back cover for vivo and Huawei new models

at present, the company has become an important 3D glass supplier for Samsung S8, Huawei Honor Magic, vivo xplay6, Xiaomi 6 and other products, and has formed a 3D glass production capacity of about 27million pieces/year

upstream processing equipment manufacturers benefit from the popularity of

3d glass, which also drives the rapid development of the entire industrial chain. Researchers from Huatai Securities pointed out that because the processing technology of 3D glass is different from that of traditional 2D glass cover plate, its production needs to go through four processes: curved surface forming, curved surface polishing, curved surface printing and curved surface fitting. What are the advantages of using light bar in tensile testing machine? Difficulties

among the four processes, curved surface forming is the most technically difficult process. Glass hot bending equipment is an indispensable key equipment in this process, which can determine the quality of the whole machine, product yield, and product surface finish and radian. In addition, the glass carving machine is also the key equipment in 3D glass production

Gaopeng, an analyst at Northeast Securities, predicts that the glass hot bending machine and glass carving machine are expected to replicate the logic of the explosion of metal CNC processing equipment that year. With the large-scale distribution of new cover plate products, foreign equipment enterprises will take the lead in benefiting. With the technological breakthrough of domestic manufacturers and the backwardness of downstream demand, domestic equipment manufacturers will also usher in explosive growth

back in the A-share market, Dayu fine carving, which was acquired by wisdom Songde with RMB 980million in december2014, is a leading enterprise in the domestic glass processing field. Leiwanchun, chairman of Daewoo fine carving, said that as one of the first fine carving machine manufacturers in the world to cooperate with apple, Daewoo fine carving took the lead in the research and development of touch-screen glass fine carving machine

Lei Wanchun revealed that Dayu fine carving will need the manufacturing industry to make great progress and Pentium has successfully tackled equipment difficulties such as 3D glass thermoforming, 3D glass CNC finishing and 3D glass polishing, and will become the only system integrator in China that can provide 3D glass intelligent equipment with the whole process of 3D glass forming process. The equipment performance is not only comparable to that of Samsung and other international manufacturers, but also the equipment price is only 40% of that of international manufacturers

wisdom Songde recently said that since Dayu Jingdiao was incorporated into the company, its 3D glass related equipment has been sold. It is expected that with the growth of the downstream market, it is expected to obtain large-scale sales this year

smart Songde is not the only one who covets 3D glass equipment. In March this year, Jinsheng precision also said that the company's 3D glass hot bending machine is under development and commissioning

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