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3D glass dissatisfied with the smart industry will enter the electronic cigarette industry.

3d hot bending glass has been widely used in the industry. At present, Samsung is the main driving manufacturer. Huawei, oppo and VI in China currently have S-type, spoke VO Due to the existence of these problems in Xiaomi, China's plastic machinery industry can not meet foreign plastic machinery horizontal end manufacturers as soon as possible, and some high-end models are also adopted

3d curved glass is light and thin, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare and good weather resistance. At present, large-size, multi touch vehicle mounted display has become the mainstream trend of vehicle mounted display market. At the same time, with the comprehensive popularization of OLED technology, LED flexible display has gradually become one of the important technologies of vehicle display. Large size 3D glass has broken through its application in curved screen and wearable devices, and ushered in a broader application prospect of vehicle mounted display components

at present, most popular small cigarettes use nicotine salt and tobacco oil, and the taste is closer to the real smoke. With the further maturity and large-scale industrialization of nicotine salt and tobacco oil, small cigarettes are likely to continue the hot development trend of maintaining the minimum maintenance cost in 2018 in the future. As a personal consumer product, the design requirements and materials of small smoke in appearance are very exquisite, basically comparable to the process

at present, many e-cigarette brands are considering the application of 3D glass on e-cigarettes, and some samples developed in the early stage are already in the process of sample submission and verification. In the era of product homogeneity, differentiated competition and improving the appearance value should be the problem that every e-cigarette manufacturer is thinking about and hopes to help everyone. 3D glass can just be used as a new choice

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