The hottest 3D printer is a design tool, not a pro

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3D printer is a design tool, not a production tool

. 3D printers are design tools, not production tools. Globally, the market conditions for products printed by 3D printing technology are not mature. The head of STRATASYS, a global 3D printing giant, poured cold water on the 3D printing craze in Shanghai yesterday

stratasys is the first enterprise in the world to pay attention to the 3D printing market. As early as 1989, its founder Scott Kropp obtained the FDM (fused deposition molding) technology patent that is still widely used in 3D printing. STRATASYS sold its first 3D printer in 1992. STRATASYS became the world's largest 3D printing enterprise after acquiring the Israeli printing company objet last year

wangxianggen, general manager of STRATASYS China, the mini Eiffel Tower, nested gears and Adidas new running shoes, showed us various product models printed by 3D printers. At present, the main application of 3D printing is in the design fields of high molecular environmental friendly silencing damping insulation pads for automobiles and various adhesives for automobile engines, painting, welding, welding and final assembly of industrial Juxian technology. More than 90% of the 3D printers sold by STRATASYS are used for enterprise model design. Traditional molds are made by cutting and grinding on various machine tools. Due to the requirements of high precision and high strength, the makers must be skilled. Usually, the mold making cycle is relatively long, and new molds are required every time new products are developed. Now, 3D printing technology can print out any idea of designers. In particular, some special-shaped designs with curved surfaces are difficult to achieve by traditional processes, but 3D printing technology can be achieved. According to media reports, Panasonic is trying to use 3D printers to make molds for home appliances. The production time has been shortened by half and the cost has been greatly reduced

3d printing technology has ignited people's enthusiasm, believing that as long as a computer, a creative design and a 3D printer, everyone can become a manufacturer. In STRATASYS' view, this is not the case. The conditions for mass production of products printed by 3D printer are not yet available. Reset the travel of actuator to ± 50mm. The application of 3D printing technology in European and American countries is much more mature than that in China, but no customer will use 3D printer printing products for mass production and sales, resulting in the upper and lower jaws can not be concentric

it is reported that the raw materials for 3D printers are expensive. For example, if you use a STRATASYS 100000 yuan entry-level printer to print a 7-8 cm long handicraft dragon model, even if you do not consider the purchase cost of the printer, the raw material cost will reach 500 or 600 yuan. In addition, the operability of 3D printers is far less mature than that of traditional printers. Most users are professional designers or people interested in 3D printer industry, not ordinary people who can't even program. 3. Limit error of displacement indication: better than ± 1% of the indication; The products provided by D printing can only be in small batches to meet personalized needs. The person in charge of STRATASYS believes that it will be difficult to form such a market for a long time in the future, and the current household printer boom may be just a flash in the pan

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